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ACH NW, LLC. is proud to offer a wide range of residential construction services. Our team of experts has a wide range of experience and can tailor our services to meet your exact needs.

Residential Construction and Remodels
We are leaders in the industry. We have worked on many high-profile residential projects. We have served as general contractor, consultant,  and construction manager on many successful projects. We have experience with residential remodels to large custom homes. We can take a project from conception to the home of your dreams. With ACH NW, you are in capable hands.

Consulting Services
We can help you develop your project, and handle negotiations with subcontractors, and architects. We can assist with meeting State, County & City guidelines, building codes, cost management solutions, and eco-friendly building practices. From selecting the best professionals, materials, and course of action, ACH NW is your best asset.

Custom Homes
We can help you select the best property, walk you through the design process, and oversee every aspect of the building process. We will ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and make sure your property includes many valuable amenities. We serve as a guide for homeowners. We guarantee a pleasant and competent building experience.  We give your property the extra special attention that will make it spectacular. Let one of our experienced designers create the property you have envisioned. From fixtures to fountains, countertops to covered patios you will enjoy your new home so much; you will never want to leave.

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